Round Trip Laundromat is the center for all your laundry services.

We understand how busy your every day schedule can get. With the desire to ease your stress, we offer free laundry pickup in the Brooklyn and Manhattan areas.

Whether your looking to lighten your daily laundry load, or your business is in need of a full service laundry provider,

We can accommodate your needs!


Services we provide include:


Wash and Fold

 (online & drop off)


Dry Cleaning

(online & drop off)



(drop off only)


Self - Service

Energy efficient & Hypoallergenic

 Brand new energy efficient time saving machinery is now available.

Wash 20,40,60 or 80 pounds of laundry per machine!

  •    ​

Hypoallergenic detergent is available upon request. 


​It is our priority to help keep you 

feeling clean, comfortable and  allergy free.


Seamless & Safe Billing is guaranteed!


We offer competitive and reasonable pricing to all of our customers, personal and business alike.

High Quality

Our staff is well rounded with many years of experience.


We take pride in our work! Your personal belongings are safe and cared for by our team.


pickup & delivery

We offer hassle free pick up and delivery with online orders.


We are eager to

 accommodate  those with special delivery instructions.


Make sure to let us know when filling out your online order. 

Wash & Fold

(online orders)

  • $1.30 per pound

  • $26 Minimum Order

  • Free Delivery

  • Free laundry bag for first time customers (only if requested)

DRY Cleaning

(online orders)

  • $26 Minimum Order

  • Free Delivery

  • 48hr Turn around



Per Pound


laundered shirt


Pant, shirt & Skirt

Commercial Laundry Services

We offer flexible price ranges


We deliver in 24-48 hrs*


We use natural cleaning solutions



for a business quote.

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